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“Who do you want to be?” I was recently at a book study in Phoenix, with my friend Robert Kiyosaki, and that was the question that he posed to the group. We were there to study a book on negotiation, but Robert, the consummate educator, was trying to get the group to think on a deeper level. He stated that if you want to have something you must determine what to do to get it, and before you act on something you must determine who you are at your core. He wrote the words “Be – Do – Have” on his flipchart and over the next six hours we talked over this concept before even touching on the book discussion.

When someone with that degree of success and experience focuses on the intangibles, those of us that are still making our way should take notice and try to internalize what he is teaching. Everybody wants to be successful, but only a small percentage of people put forth the effort to achieve that goal. Even fewer achieve the success they desire.

Successful people tend to cultivate certain character traits or habits. When you hear interviews with figures like Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and Bill Gates, they consistently list intangibles such as early rising, generosity, consideration of others and belief in themselves as crucial components of their journey. Successful people rarely talk about the details that made them wealthy or famous. They appear to be constantly working on themselves to determine who they are.

My take away from the discussion was that we should determine who we are now and who we want to be. Are we entrepreneurs or employees?  Do we like to work in teams or alone? Real estate or business? None of these are better or worse than the others. All can lead to success if our actions come from a solid foundation of belief in our core values. In his book, The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod states that, “Your outer world improves only after you’ve invested countless hours improving yourself.” Once we internalize who we are, we can continue the never-ending process of growth into who we want to be. If we set low goals, we will likely achieve them early and unceremoniously. If we set lofty goals, the chase will always be in front of us and each day will bring new victories.

At Presario Ventures, we are continuously trying to improve ourselves individually and collectively as a company. We constantly travel to seek out investments and educate ourselves so we can pass that knowledge on to our investors. When we ask ourselves who we want to be, the answer is that we want to be your first choice to create passive cash flow. What we want to do is to provide you multiple solid investment opportunities to evaluate each year as new passive income streams. What we want to have is a group of happy investors who have grown their wealth and developed passive income streams and cash flow through opportunities that we have provided.

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